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Derma roller

There are many adaptations with which you can significantly improve the condition of hair and skin. One such device is the derma roller 192 vs 540. Or as it is also called – mesoroller is a roller with a handle made of special hypoallergenic plastic. Since movable Derma roller of the roller is strewn with a lot of thin needles with a length of 0.25 to 2 mm. Made of medical steel or titanium with different types of coating. When the roller rolls over the skin, needles pierce the dermis up to 20 times in one area. Therefore in response to this irritation (peculiar microtrauma).

Benefits of derma roller on face. Most of all the skin cells react and begin to produce new collagen and elastin fibers. Due to what a new healthy tissue appears and the capillaries “open”. Which leads to an improvement in blood flow. Consequently gradual disappearance of scars. Pigmentation and Wrinkles. Therefore stretch marks and to the restoration of complexion.

Scar on face. Dermaroller from scars

Scars arise from the fact that the wounds are scarred too quickly – faster than the tissues are regenerated. In this case, small skin lesions (for example, from a needle stick) are healed without a trace. If you create micro-cuts on the rumen, then on this site of the skin, recovery processes are activated (this, just what the dermaroller does). As a result, the scar will become smoother or completely disappear.

Derma roller allows you to get rid of almost all the scars (or at least make them much less noticeable). The only exception is active keloid scars. In them, the formation of a new collagen significantly exceeds the disintegration of the old one and such scars are constantly growing. To stop their growth, it is necessary to reduce the formation of collagen, and the mesorollar, on the contrary, will stimulate an increase and, accordingly, increase the growth of the keloid cicatrix. Before proceeding with the treatment of scars with Derma roller, consult a doctor.

Derma roller how often. Some shallow scars may disappear due to the micro needling, micro needle roller with needles from 0.5 to 1 mm. (this applies to most of the acne scars – post acne). For deeper scars, a mesoller with needles of 1.5 mm will have to be used. and more. Although, to completely get rid of the scar may take months, but the first results can be seen after only 5-10 procedures. In the beginning, lines appearing on the scar, usual for a healthy skin. Then, the scar becomes more smooth and its color becomes closer to the color of your skin (derma roller beard).

How get rid of stretch marks. Micro needling, micro needle roller from stretch marks. Derma roller chart

In order to remove stretch marks, you may need a mesoroller with a needle length of 1 to 2 mm. depending on the site of the body (derma roller directions):

  • In order to get rid of stretch marks in the chest area (where the skin is especially delicate and thin) and on the hands, a mezaroller with needles 1-1.5 mm is used.
  • Stretch marks on hips, buttocks and abdomen are used mesorollers with needles to 2 mm.

The speed of extinction of stretch marks depends on how long they appeared. Fresh stretch marks pass much faster. No one will tell you the exact amount of session that is required to completely get rid of stretch marks, but noticeable results are most likely to be seen after 10-20 procedures, which are carried out at intervals of a week (for 2 mm mesorollers with needles) or 3-4 days (if used derma roller with needles 1-1.5 mm.).

Derma roller hair loss reddit

Mesotherapy of hair at home became possible due to the appearance of a mesoreller (mesoller). Dermaroller for scalp is used to treat hair loss, both men and women. It is easy to use, as it is a hand-held roller that can easily be rolled over the scalp, while stimulating the flow of blood to the hair follicles. Mesorollar contribute to increase the thickness of hair and stops their loss.

At the moment, there are many drugs and procedures that are aimed at reducing hair loss, ranging from creams to transplantation of their own hair – many of them are very expensive and not everyone can afford them.

Mesorollar is a revolutionary device that treats hair loss using traditional oriental methods of acupuncture to enhance the natural functions of the scalp. It helps increase the flow of blood to carry nutrients to the hair follicles, and also increases the effectiveness of creams and lotions that are used for hair loss.

Operating principle. Derma roller guide.

Derma roller at home before and after. Micro needling, micro needle roller. The principle of the derma roller is extremely simple. Since it is used for intensive skin massage in various directions for 3 to 5 minutes. Needles located on the roller. Create microscopic punctures on the skin. Activating local processes of protection and regeneration.

Derma roller benefits. As a result Cells begin to be intensively divided. Updated to restore the integrity of the dermis. Thereby increasing the elasticity. Elasticity and elimination of skin defects. Microscopic punctures from needles facilitate. The ability of drug particles to penetrate deep into the dermis. A high level of permeability ensures maximum absorption of substances.

Skin care after dermarolling

Rehabilitation after the application of the dermaroller is virtually absent. Within 2-3 days after the procedure. You should avoid ultraviolet, do not sunbathe and do not visit the solarium.

Try to refrain from using cosmetic products and exercise. Which leads to increased sweating. Foreign matter can provoke skin irritation and create an environment. Suitable for the development of bacteria. To prevent infection and inflammation, the treated skin areas are treated with an antiseptic.

Because elastic healthy skin without wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and cellulite is the dream of every woman. Therefore a large number of salon and home. Procedures allows you to choose the best option for solving the individual problem of each of us.

Derma roller before after: disinfection (derma roller cleaning)

When using a micro needling, micro needle roller with long needles penetrating the dermis, the issue of disinfection is especially relevant – are derma rollers safe. The rules are as follows:

  • Dermaroller – an individual tool that should only be used by you.
  • Dermaroller should be disinfected every time after use. To do this, lower it for 5 minutes in a small container with chlorhezidine or another non-alcoholic disinfectant. Then shake the instrument and put it so that its needles do not touch anything – this will help you with a special plastic case in which the mesoroller is sold. Wait until the disinfectant is completely dry.
  • The skin before the procedure should be cleaned of cosmetics and cream. You can treat the skin with chlorhezidine. Roll the derma roller only on clean and dry skin.
  • Hands should be clean, rubber gloves can be used.
  • After using the dermis, the roller should be disinfected in the same way as before use.

Dermaroller: contraindications (derma roller dangers)

Contraindications to the use of dermaroller:

  • Moles. Be careful not to touch the birth marks of the mesorollera needles.
  • Infectious diseases of the skin.
  • Abrasions, burns, cuts – any external damage to the skin.
  • Active keloid scars. Mesoroller helps to get rid of many types of scars, but not from keloid scars in the stage of active growth. Before proceeding with the treatment of scars with mesoroller, consult a doctor.
  • Kuperoz is a contraindication for mesoroller with long needles. But the correct use of a mesoreller with short needles with diamond or laser sharpening and gold dusting can, on the contrary, help get rid of this problem. If you have couperose, consult a doctor or an experienced beautician before, before using the mesoroller.
  • Coagulation disorders caused by disease or drug use.
  • Oncological diseases.
  • Psoriasis. This disease is well treated by several sessions of hydrocolonotherapy and switching to vegetable nutrition (veganism).
  • Pregnancy.
  • Herpes.
  • Infectious diseases and any inflammatory processes in the body.
  • Hypertension.
  • Taking certain medications, for example, corticosteroids.

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