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Makeup brushes and tools

The Only Makeup brushes and tools You Really Need and Exactly How to Use Them

The right choice of tools for applying decorative cosmetics is very important. Natural makeup brushes are usually better, but artificial in some cases are more suitable. It is best to make a home set of at least five tools of a different type of pile.
When choosing makeup brushes, the principle “the more expensive there is better there” does not always meet the expectations. Also, the rule of the superiority of natural materials over synthetic materials does not always work in this case. Moreover, for some cosmetics only artificial brushes are recommended, for example, for a set of liquid tonal bases or lipstick. On the other hand, they have a more aggressive effect on the skin, so they should not be used for feathering.
Moisturizer, preparing the skin for makeup, should be applied with an artificial brush. This is due to the fact that its villi are not hollow, therefore, do not absorb the composition. Thus, you can optimally calculate the amount of money: on the skin it will be exactly as much as it was on the brush.

The next stage is the formation of a base for makeup. Here you can use a flat natural brush with the addition of artificial fibers, which makes it more rigid, similar to a spatula. This is a very important stage of preparation, because during it the skin seems to polish, even out its tone, remove the excess base. After that, she is ready for basic manipulation.

Liquid tonal means and blush are applied with an artificial brush, then natural is used for shading. There are combined brushes that combine both materials. For concealer, an artificial brush is also taken, but smaller. For dry blush, proofreaders and powders, natural pile is preferred. The best effect comes from using a so-called kabuki brush with a short handle.

Different materials of eye makeup brushes give a completely different effect. Knowledge of these features is no less important than possession.
technique of applying shadows. The brush from natural pile gently shading a friable means over the surface of the eyelid, creating a scouring. Synthetic gives a uniform color rich coating and is more suitable for creamy structures, as well as soft pencils and kayals.

Similarly, for eyeliner eyebrows recommended artificial pile. Such a brush can smoothly put a tool in one motion, rather than individual strokes, as a natural one. The result is a beautiful solid line. On the other hand, if you only need to add a little eyebrows, filling the gaps between the hairs, then the natural material is preferable.

Makeup brushes and tools

And, finally, for makeup lips, too, it is better to choose brushes with synthetic fiber. Narrow and short perfectly draws the contour, and wider and longer fills it with lipstick in one simple motion.

Makeup brushes need to be carefully looked after, otherwise even high quality tools will lose their properties over time. To prevent artificial villi from starting to exfoliate, the brushes need to be formed after washing and from time to time dipped into boiling water. You can shape them with a napkin. Natural brushes should be washed with shampoo and sometimes conditioner in order to return softness to the villi.

For drying, the brushes are placed on the edge of the table so that the pile part remains in the air. Then air circulates around it, and water, running off, does not accumulate in the metal part and does not dissolve the gluing.

Makeup brushes and tools

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