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Thermal underwear

What is thermal underwear? Is a functional underwear, the main purpose of which is to keep heat and / or drain moisture from the surface of the body.
Why is thermal underwear intended?
Underwear is used for everyday wear, as well as for sports, hunting, fishing, outdoor activities, etc.

How does underwear work?
The air contained in the thermal underwear, being in contact with the body, is heated to a comfortable temperature. Thus, a protective layer of warm air is created between the skin and the cold external environment, the effect of keeping heat is obtained.
With physical activity, the human skin emits moisture (sweat), which, accumulating in the fabric of ordinary linen, reduces its thermal insulation properties. The heating and evaporation of this moisture consumes additional energy.

Functional thermal underwear removes moisture from the body. A protective layer of warm air between the skin and the external cold environment, due to the difference in pressure, expels moisture from the underwear. This reduces the heat loss of the body in cold weather, adds a sense of comfort and protects the body from hypothermia and overheating.
With intense physical exertion and low enough temperatures, both properties of thermal underwear are needed – the preservation of heat and the removal of excess moisture from the surface of the skin.
This can be achieved by using a large thickness of fabric, a certain combination of materials, a multi-layered structure of the laundry. In the latter case, the inner layer is responsible for draining moisture, and the outer layer is responsible for keeping heat and sometimes, absorbing the excreted perspiration.

What is made of thermal underwear?

Underwear can be made of polyester, polypropylene, wool, cotton or a combination of them, etc. Completely synthetic materials are better suited for moisture, more durable. Adding cotton or wool makes the laundry more comfortable, which is more suitable for everyday use.

Thermal underwear is different from normal linen with a better ability to accumulate heat between the skin and the fabric, which minimizes heat loss.

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