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Asian cosmetics

Asian cosmetics. Korean skin care. Now South Korea is rightfully considered a legislator in the field of beauty. Asian cosmetics – Koreans use the newest technologies, producing products with unique compositions and actions. Developing new forms, and not forgetting about design.

Tonal means

Asian cosmetics. Korea is a country where there is a cult of ideal skin.
According to Korean standards, the skin should be very light (without the slightest signs of sun exposure), almost transparent, without acne and wrinkles, nourished and glowing. Yes, yes, the same, super popular strobing came to us from Korea. Based on these data, Korean tonal tools often have a dense texture and a good degree of disguise. While on the skin they feel almost weightless. Koreans master products 2 in 1.
The huge advantage of Korean tonal means is the presence of a high SPF factor and really light shades in the lineup

Means for purification

Asian cosmetics. Korean girls in addition to make-up pay a lot of attention to skin care. There is even a special Korean multi-stage care system. Which is called the secret weapon of the Korean women in the struggle for perfect skin. One of the main steps in this system is cleansing. Accordingly, the arsenal of Korean skin cleansers is unrealistically huge. Especially Korean “washbasins” will please girls with problem skin. Because it is Korean drugs to combat acne and inflammations are considered the most effective.

Asian cosmetics. Tints

In addition to BB-creams, tint is probably the most traditional Korean remedy in our selection. In essence, tints are very persistent pigments for the lips. Cheeks that “eat” into the skin and stay on it for up to 12 hours. In this case, the coating (gloss, stickiness) disappears, and only the color remains, respectively. The tint is not smeared and not printed.

Asian cosmetics – Korean cosmetic brands produce a lot of tints in various formats: ink tint in the form of colored water. Tint-gloss. Lipsticks and pencils, tints-balms and gouaches, and even super-resistant lip tattoos. Ink tinters give the brightest color. But they dry their lips quite enough, tint-balms give only a slight shade to the lips, but they moisturize and nourish them. The choice of tint depends on your preferences and how sensitive your skin is on your lips. Remember that tints are also a great blush. Especially for women with oily skin.

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