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Collagen Capsules Face Mask

Collagen Capsules Face Mask 4 Packs/set Skin Rejuvenation Moisturizing Replenishment Contractive Pore For Mask Machine

Collagen Capsules Face Mask Item specifics:

Type: Collagen Capsules Face Mask
NET WT: 11.2g x 4
Quantity: 8Pcs/pack x 4
Use: face


Natural silk protein and the main function: skin has very strong affinity, is easy to be absorbed by the skin,
while adding a composite DNA and water soluble collagen, so this product has a calm, repair, shrink pores, t
ender skin of filling water magic effect. Apply on the face, the feeling of cool and refreshing shu shuang,
especially suitable for summer use.


With the mask machine to use, use one piece each time

Package included:

4 Packs/set – Collagen Silk Capsules Mask

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