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Derma roller REVO Galvanic Photon

Derma roller REVO Galvanic Photon or as it is also called – mesoroller, is a roller with a handle made of special hypoallergenic plastic. Movable roller of the roller is strewn with a lot of thin needles with a length of 0.25 to 2 mm. Made of medical steel or titanium with different types of coating.

People often ask whether it is possible to use a dermaroller at home. You can, but keep in mind that the length of the needles should not exceed 0.5 mm.

When the roller rolls over the skin. Needles pierce the dermis up to 20 times in one area. In response to this irritation (peculiar microtrauma). The skin cells react and begin to produce new collagen and elastin fibers. Due to what a new healthy tissue appears and the capillaries “open”. Which leads to an improvement. In blood flow. Gradual disappearance of scars. Pigmentation and wrinkles. Stretch marks and to the restoration of complexion.

Elastic healthy skin without wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and cellulite is the dream of every woman. A large number of salon, home procedures allows you to choose. The best option for solving the individual problem of each of us.
Microneedling with Derma roller REVO Galvanic Photon is a new treatment modality for the treatment of scars. Especially acne scars, stretch marks and wrinkles. For facial rejuvenation. It is a simple and relatively cheap modality. That also can be used for transdermal drug delivery.

Derma roller REVO Galvanic Photon

Microneedling leads to the release of growth factors which. Stimulate the formation of new collagen. Natural collagen and elastin in the papillary dermis. In addition, new capillaries are formed-this neovascularisation. Neocollagenesis following treatment leads to reduction of scars.

The procedure is therefore aptly called “percutaneous collagen induction therapy”and has also been used in the treatment of photoageing.
“It is excellent for tired skin. Skin that is losing its smoothness. Plumpness or becoming slack around the mouth and jaw”

”I see most effect on lower face, although it makes the whole area look smoother. Much fresher, as the skin takes on a new vitality. Looks brighter as well as firmer”.

Realization Derma roller REVO Galvanic Photon:

The “DNS-REVO” is equipped with 4 independent photon emitters capable of generating beams between the ranges of470nm to 640nm. This is an optional feature provides more opportunities for treatment and helps to provide an incredible and lasting effect.

  • The red photon in the embers the oxygen level of our skin and enhances cellular activity. It can effectively treat the visible symptoms associated with aging.
  • The blue photon is extremely effective in soothing the skin after vigorous puncture Treatment. This is especially suitable for sensitive skin and scars treatment.
  • The yellow photon increases the movement of our lymphatic system and improves texture of our skin.
  • A green photon is especially effective in detoxifying our skin and maintaining healthy balance.

BIO functions Derma roller REVO Galvanic Photon:
It can move the surface of the human skin into electrical impulses to stimulate the skin flexibly, activate skin tissues, protect the skin, to be sagging and aging, promote blood circulation, excavator meridians of the body.

Micro needling roller (dermaroller) – hygiene and disinfection

The rules are as follows:

  • Micro needling roller (dermaroller) is an individual tool that can not be given to “try” other people.
  • Dermaroller should be disinfected every time before use. To do this, lower it for 5 minutes in a small container with chlorhezidine or another non-alcoholic disinfectant (it is possible to use medical alcohol, if it is indicated in the instructions to your instrument). After this, shake the instrument and put it so that the mesorollera needles do not contact other surfaces. Wait until the mesoroller is completely dry. Do not use a tool that still contains a disinfectant!
  • The skin before the procedure should also be cleaned. The skin should not have cosmetics or cream.
  • Hands should also be clean. You can use rubber gloves.
  • After use, the mesoroller should be rinsed under a stream of warm water and disinfected in the same way as before use.

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