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Feet care products

If you do not want to become the owner of groomed feet, cracked dry skin on the heels, fungal diseases, then the skin of the legs, of course, you need to regularly look after. This especially applies to the sole. After all, the whole weight of the body falls on it, besides, the foot feels the pressure of the shoes and the friction from walking. Feet care products.

Clean your feet once a week from rough skin. There are several ways for this. The simplest is the usual rubbing of the foot, after taking a shower or bath. For these purposes, a pumice stone or a special pedicure brush is used. Quite by the way, there will be a foot scrub that is sold in stores. Also good are folk remedies like, for example, ground coffee.
Corns also cause us unpleasant sensations. By the way, the process of omozoleniya goes through three stages. Initially, the effect of mechanical influences affects, at the first stage, resulting in redness, swelling and, as a consequence, water bubbles.

Feet care products. With dry skin, it is advisable to use an emollient cream, especially for this type of skin of the legs. Especially effective is the procedure, if done at night. To do this, grease the feet with plenty of cream, then put on cotton socks. The cream can be replaced with vegetable oil. The morning effect will really surprise you.

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