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Foot mask 2 packs / set

Foot mask 2 packs / set – are foot peels safe

Feet care products. Unfortunately, many people forget that taking care of your feet is just as important as caring for your face or hands, and deserves due attention – you should remember that when it’s very easy and quick to get dry on your feet. And this (in the absence of adequate care) leads to thickening of the skin due to the rapidly expanding stratum corneum. Foot mask 2 packs / set

Asian foot peel. Foot care. Easy foot mask

Caring for your feet requires careful tracking of your feet. There are two types of skin of feet, similar to the hands. The outer part of the foot is similar in physiology and structure to the back of the hand. And the inner one – with the skin of the palm, which has no sebaceous glands and hair. But is supplied with sweat glands. As a rule, the skin of the external part of the foot is of normal type and is not exposed to external influences. Therefore, in cosmetic care, she does not need, which can not be said about the very foot.

The skin on the heels thickens due to layers of grated, dead skin. To soften the mechanically rubbed skin of the heels, the feet should be regularly moistened with creams that contain vitamins A and E. It is essential to apply a moisturizing cream for the feet before bed. Periodically, the heels should be steamed in a hot bath, and the washer is washed with a pumice stone or a patter for the heels.

Diy foot mask

Diy foot peel – Foot mask 2 packs / set. Now in the cosmetics industry there are mask-socks for the feet of instant action. They include: glycolic acid (promotes rapid detachment of the cornified skin layer); fruit extracts (have a moisturizing and softening effect); organic acids (renew the skin); extracts of various herbs (has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect). Mask-socks dissolves the horny layer of the skin on the feet, and also helps to remove dry calluses. This effect is obtained as a result of the influence of the fruit acids that make up the mask. This mask also improves metabolic processes in the tissues and injects nutrients that make up the skin and normalizes the work of sweat glands.

The use of an exfoliating mask for the feet of immediate action at home is not difficult. Before using the mask, wash your feet thoroughly with soap, wipe with a towel. Unpack the tool, put on socks. You can add cotton socks on top, so the mask will fit better to the skin. After the end of two hours, remove the socks and rinse with warm water. Usually the separation of exfoliated skin begins 3-4 days after the application of the mask. The appearance of the legs at the same leaves much to be desired, but everything is leveled by the effect of renewing the skin (heels like a baby).

Important to remember! The exfoliated layer of skin descends naturally, the use of an additional mechanical method (pumice treatment) to remove the skin is prohibited. Buyers’ comments indicate that the skin is completely restored in a week. The repeated course of use depends on the features of the functioning of the body. But is not recommended for use more often than once every 3-5 months.

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