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Hair Removal BoSidin D-1105 + GIFT

Based Face and Body IPL Hair Removal System BoSidin D-1105 for Home Use

Beauty Skin Care

Laser Hair Removal BoSidin D-1105 + GIFT. Bosidin epilator for facial, body, legs, bikini line, underams, hairline, lips and otherparts are fast permanent hair removal, the use of safe and quickly repeat the process on the surface of the skin. You can achieve the best resulits. Bosidin epilator of principle is used patent strong pulse light of selective light paralysis role. On normal epidermal for lossless injury if light shot wear skin direct hair follicles roots, hair shaft and hair follicles in the of melanin absorption and into for heat. To increased hair follicles temperature, when temperature rose to enough high. Hair follicles structure occurred irreversible of damage. When the hair has damaged, the hair follicles a natural physiological process and remove. And around other organization no injury. To reached no pain hair removal.

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Hair Removal BoSidin D-1105 + GIFT

  • ATTENTION: Both dark brown skin and black skin are not applicable.
  • Non-stimulating, Hair removal is not awkward – IPL light goes deep into the hair follicle. The heat is absorbed by the hair follicle melanin, the pigment is disintegrated or crushed. Allowing the hair to peel off naturally, to inhibit regeneration, soft and gentle. Ideal for full body hair removal, including face, arms, underarms, bikini line, legs, back and chest.
  • SHINE baldheaded technology – The core of the photon hair removal is baldheaded. Using 3 in one filters, premium end quartz lamp. Filter out ultraviolet light, the effective light directly reaches the hair follicle, preventing from illumination side-effects. ( You can see obvious result after 8 weeks)
  • Five Treatment Levels – Five adjustable light energy settings to ensure gentle but effective treatment. You can adjust the level according to the skin area and hair growth. Used correctly. IPL treatment is safe and gentle to use even on sensitive skin and sensitive body areas. Quick and Easy to use at home. (Equipped with a Yellow Rejuvenation Lamp for Skin Smooth and Whitening)
  • Packing list: IPL Hair Remover*1, Photorejuvenation Head*1, Safety Glasses*1, User Manual*1, Power Adapter(EU US AU Plug)*1, Brand packaging*1. (Please you follow our instructions to use)

How to operate

Step1  Shave and clean the treated area (Don’t use depilatory paste, can cause skin side effect)
Step2  Connect with electricity. Turn on the machine. Press the key to open the machine
Step3  Press the button, there are 5 pulse lights for selection and you can adjust to the most suitable level for your skin. And put on glasses
Step4  Let the treatment window touches treated areas vertically. Laser can be carried out after the green light flashing. And treat the areas by turns. Don’t repeat and omit
Step5  Replacement rejuvenation lamp of the laser once


  • Coarse hair should be shaved 24 hours ahead of time
  • If you want to stop the operation. Please long press the switch button
  • There is no need to use any curry to laser smear. And the skin cannot be exposed under the blazing sun. 4 fours before the laser

How does it work Hair Removal BoSidin D-1105 + GIFT?

  • Shaving the hair region you want to remove before treatment.
  • Make sure treatment window touch skin tightly, let IPL penetrate skin.
  • IPL is absorbed by hair and pigment group first.
  • Heat energy acts on melanin of hair follicle. Shrink hair follicle to remove hair.
  • Under the work of IPL. Virtually stop hair growing.
  • Hair disappeaars. Skin becomes tight and smooth.


If laser hair is too long. You need to leave the hair shaved to 1mm

Operation Interval Tips

  • One operation per 2~3 weeks in the first 3~5 times
  • One operation per 4~6 weeks in the following 6~10 times
  • After that, you can operate once per 1~2 months in the areas with regrowth fine air.

Change operation times according to the actual hair density. The operation interval varies with the different individual siutation.

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