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Lace Bra Butterfly

Lace Bra Butterfly women’s underwear. 

Bra for low cut dress
Because Lace Bra Butterfly now use in an order to show that there are the special pillows in a model. Increasing a breast and they can be added to any model, then I like the name Plunge anymore.

And distinguishing such sconces is simple on deep V- to the vivid cut. A construction is done so that to raise a breast and draw together it (to centre). Plunge supposes that to carry you will be such model with a clothing with a deep decollete.

As a result Ladies push up bra. The most feminine and sexy bra Push-Up Plunge Bra with Push-Ap is invisible under the clothes and very comfortable. Push-up lifts the bust. Making it even more sexy.

Lace Bra Butterfly Push Up

Bridge between cups is located low or at middle level;
Bridge very narrow, especially in Push-Up models;
Littlest stones overhead lateral and lower point of that form a small diagonal to the center;
Cutting out from three parts;
V- vivid cut.

For what breast befits:
Setting a plunge – sconce to dispose to the breast nearer to each other, creating the волнительную line of decollete. Will suit to the people with close or by the middling planted resilient breast.

If a breast is located too widely, in a classic plunge- bra it can be uncomfortably to you. Search a plunge- sconce with more wide bridge between cups.

If breast magnificent, but soft, then you need a plunge- sconce with the medium-altitude of bridge. What will be higher than stone in central part, so much the better. What more coverage of breast, so much the better.

With what to carry:
Any clothing implying deep V- vivid cut, if you want to show the decollete. It can be the ordinary closed clothing. A breast in case with Push-Up will look approximately on a size anymore and higher.


This bra is perfect for all styles of yoga, pilates, dance and pole fitness!
Similar to a swim-suit type of material, everything dries fast to keep bodies cool, dry, and comfortable.
Cool-looking criss-cross straps at the back,with fun color,
give you the freedom to move and help to keep straps in place.

  • Nylon & Cotton
  • Level 1, light support for yoga and gym
  • Wirefree design
  • Cool-looking criss-cross straps
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking fabric


Upper Chest:84–90cm

Customers can buy this product in our webshop.

Customers can buy this product in our webshop.

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