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Pilaten collagen crystal neck mask 10 pcs

Pilaten collagen crystal neck mask 10 pcs

Pilaten collagen crystal neck mask 10 pcs Mask Hydrogel patches – trend offer, a real hit in sales in the segment of cosmetics, which has not been losing ground for many years. Only initially a lot of noise was done by the patches under the eyes, and now – these are patches for the neck.

Pilaten collagen crystal neck mask 10 pcs is designed to solve the main problem – loss of elasticity, it is because of her skin in this area begins to sag. The patch fills the skin with moisture and seals it there, which gives an almost lightning-fast, effective and long-term result. By the way the result is noticeable after the first application, after 10 minutes. It is for such magical properties that the collagen mask for the neck of the Pilaten Crystal Collagen Neck Mask fell in love just like the patches under the eyes! Super demanded at the peak of popularity

Product Features Pilaten collagen crystal neck mask 10 pcs

Packing: in the original stick;

Package: mask, instructions on the back of the stick;

Application: the skin of the neck;

Type of care: collagen;

Skin problem: pigmentation spots, wrinkles, dryness, sagging skin.

About the product
  • Material: Collagen protein, water, vitamins, aloe
  • Weight: 35gram/pack
  • Pakcage : 10pack with detail package
  • If your neck skin spots, wrinkles, sagging phenomenon, after use Neck Mask , it can effectively tanned skin.

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