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Crystal Eyelid Patch 10 packs


High Quality Gold Crystal Collagen Eye Mask Hotsale Eye Patches Eye Mask For Face Care

  • Unit Type: lot (10 Packs/lot)


Crystal Eyelid Patch 10 packs

Crystal Eyelid Patch 10 packs with regular application will be able to:

establish blood circulation in the eye area, which will provide cells with the delivery of essential nutrients and oxygen – the complexion in this area will improve, dark circles will disappear;
remove toxins;
improve the metabolic processes that will cause cells to synthesize an additional amount of natural collagen and elastin (it also prolongs youth);

moisten the dry skin around the eyes, which is so lacking in moisture;
Smoothen the age and facial wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes;
prevent their education in the future;
regenerate tissues with small lesions (wound and microcracks);
to restore the skin after salon procedures;
tighten the skin around the eyes, eliminate ptosis.

Crystal Eyelid Patch 10 packs. In short, collagen masks are able to transform the skin around the eyes without exaggeration: to get rid of bruises, eliminate bags, puffiness, the notorious “crow’s feet”. But for this it is necessary to choose the right means and apply it equally well. This is the only way to achieve the promised effect.

With regard to the general scheme of using collagen as a cosmetic, you can consider the following recommendations.

Do not let direct sunlight hit the mask.
Before using the product, clean the skin with a steam bath and scrub.
A distinctive feature of collagen masks around the eyes is that it is applied to the wet skin. So before this, wash off abundantly, but do not wipe yourself.

Choose mask-patches or droplets: they are convenient to apply dosed.
The collagen mask hammers into the skin around the eyes with the pads of the fingers. Strongly rub it in the eyelids do not need.
If during the action of the mask you feel a strong feeling of tightness, drip a few drops of water on the skin.
The action time is from 5 to 30 minutes. It depends on the concentration of collagen in the mask.
Rinse off with normal water without using cleansing and soapy substances.

After the collagen mask for the area around the eyes, it is desirable to use a rejuvenating eye cream from the same series.
If wrinkles around the eyes are many, collagen masks are done every 3 days. At the age of 35 years once a week will be enough.
The best time for their application is evening, 1-2 hours before bedtime.
The course of home rejuvenation collagen – 12-15 masks.

This is an exemplary instruction on how to make collagen masks around the eyes at home that will significantly improve the skin condition and stop the age-related changes that inevitably lead to the formation of new wrinkles. If you want to look attractive and well-groomed after 40 years, this novelty of modern cosmetology is for you.

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