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Foot Care

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Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Size: 80 × 170mm
Color: -Blue-Pink-
Battery: 4 times AA batteries (not included)
Ergonomic design Soft grip.
Replaceable roller and easy to use.

How to use:
Remove the rubber cover that protects the roller before use.
Guarantee that the roller is securely attached to the casing.
Do not start without rubber.
Turn the silver ring to the left to start the device and in place the dead leather roller on the skin.
Softly sliding, dead skin will be removed

The product can only be used on dry skin.
Do not press vigorously, otherwise the product will stop working.

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Means for care
feet for feet

Foot Care. If you do not want to become the master of well-groomed legs, crack dry skin on the heels, fungal diseases, then the skin of the legs, of course, you need to regularly look after. This is especially true of the sole. In the end, the whole body weight falls on it, in addition, the foot feels the pressure of the shoes and the friction of walking.

Foot care, problems

with feet Foot care, as well as care for other parts of the body is necessary not only to create and maintain an aesthetic appearance and personal hygiene. Despite the care of the limbs, you can cause a lot of unpleasant and painful phenomena – calluses on the soles of the feet, coarsened skin, cracks on the heels, ingrown toenails. To get access to these problems, salon procedures are not needed, it is enough to know and observe the basic rules of foot care at home. Regular daily care includes the treatment of a hairstyle with a stiff cloth for washing dishes, a special brush or a scrub to remove the keratinized skin particles.
Corn also causes us unpleasant sensations. By the way, the process of omozoleniya goes through three stages. Initially, the effect of mechanical effects on the first course on redness, swelling and, as a consequence, water bubbles.

Best foot care

With dry skin, an emollient cream is recommended, especially for this type of leg skin. Especially effective procedure if it is done at night. To do this, grease your feet with plenty of cream. Then put on cotton socks. The cream can be replaced with vegetable oil. The morning effect will really surprise you.
Beautiful legs are the dream of every woman. But the legs are beautiful, and they are constantly taken care of.
As the French say, only the heels of a lazy woman can be rough, and legs – not well-groomed.

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Blue, Pink


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