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Thermal underwear for Ladies

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Gender: Women

Thickness: Standard

Material: Modal, Cotton

Good elasticity, breathable, soft

High – Quality Products

Tops + pants

Suitable for height: 150 cm to 176 cm

Suitable for weight: 40 kg – 70 kg

Size: One Size



Thermal underwear for Ladies

The operating principle of thermal underwear for Ladies, its classification and properties, recommendations for choice.

Thermal underwear is different from normal linen with a better ability to accumulate heat between the skin and the fabric, which minimizes heat loss. It can be formally divided into three subspecies:
Heat-saving thermal underwear. In other words, heating thermal underwear, is intended for low and medium levels of physical activity with cool, cold or very cold ambient temperatures. It is recommended for use in any weather, if heat retention is required, i.e. when it is necessary to warm up, depending on the individual tolerance of the human body.

Operating principle. The principle of operation is very simple. Any fabric contains some layer or layer of air. Directly in contact with the body, the air heats up to a comfortable temperature. Thus, a protective layer is created between a comfortable, warm environment (your body) and a cold environment – external. The larger the interlayer, the more air it contains, the warmer the person feels. In order to make it as easy as possible to make and thinen the thermal underwear, a special volumetric or cellular weaving of the fabric is often used. This allows you to increase the amount of air contained in the fabric, while making the laundry not too thick and heavy. It should be understood that in any fabric, a certain loss of this “heat-shielding” layer of air is inevitable, since the laundry is breathing. If the underwear does not breathe and is excessively dense or airtight, the person will sweat, as the air circulation in the tissue will be absent or difficult.

Depending on the composition of the fabric, its thickness and knitting, the amount of air circulation changes. Changing it, we achieve an increase in heat savings – warmer thermal underwear (reducing air circulation in the fabric) or reducing heat savings – an easier thermal underwear (increased air circulation of the fabric). Some synthetic threads are hollow inside, which somewhat facilitates the weight of the fabric and increases thermal insulation. It should be noted that to improve the properties of thermal underwear, it is recommended to dress clothes over the thermal underwear to prevent blowing, so we reduce the air circulation in the layer of thermal underwear, which prevents excessive “blowing out” of warm air from the fabric of the thermal underwear for Ladies.

Moisture-releasing (functional) thermobelic. This thermal underwear for Ladies has the ability to remove excess moisture (sweat) from the skin surface. As a rule, thermal underwear of this type is made from 100% synthetics. The use of special types of synthetics improves the properties of thermal underwear on moisture extraction. It makes no sense to list all types of synthetics possessing such properties. Let’s name only the most famous of them: Coolmax, QuickDry, Thermolite Base, Polypropylene, Viloft, and many, many others.

Operating principle. The principle of action is always the same: between the skin and tissue and in the tissue itself, as we have explained above, the air heating from the body. Thus, a warm air zone is created between the skin and the tissue. When heated, the air expands and a zone of increased pressure is created. The temperature of the environment, obviously, is clearly lower, i.e. there is a colder air, in other words – a zone of low pressure. Thus, warm air, heated by the skin, rushes through the fabric outwards, along with taking with it the evaporating molecules of sweat. So we got the effect of moisture output. Recall that we are talking about synthetics, which is, as a rule, non-hygroscopic material, i.e. does not absorb moisture, unlike natural fabrics. In other words, in functional thermal underwear we get an improved moisture output, a significant reduction in the effect of moisture absorption, i.e. wetting, with the exception of a certain condensation, which in turn leads to a markedly accelerated drying of the tissue.

All this together makes functional thermal underwear for Ladies an indispensable assistant to everyone who engages in sports or physical activity of medium and high intensity, with strong sweating, requiring constant moisture removal from the skin surface and preventing or significantly reducing the drying time, i.e. cooling of the body, after the end of physical activity. It is worth noting that the temperature of the external environment is not of fundamental importance for the process of moisture extraction. In cold conditions, excessive moisture is removed, which makes you feel drier and more comfortable during exercise and do not catch cold after they finish. In hot weather, the same process will help to avoid overheating during physical exertion and, again, hypothermia and cold after their cessation.
Heat-saving + moisture-absorbing thermal underwear (hybrid). Thermal underwear combining the above two properties, i.e. and warming and moisture-removing.

Operating principle. It’s not so simple. Heat saving implies a reduction in air exchange, and moisture extraction, on the contrary, requires its increase. In other words, if the thermal underwear is very warm, it obviously poorly displays moisture and vice versa. It seems that we are at an impasse? No. First, by increasing the thickness of the moisture-releasing tissue or by reducing the thickness of the heat-saving fabric, we can achieve certain compromises between these two properties. But there is another, more effective way to achieve very good results on both fronts – this is the use of a double-layer thermal underwear. In this case, the inner layer adjacent to the skin is made of moisture-absorbing synthetics, and the outer layer is made of a heat-saving and / or moisture-absorbing layer, which can be synthetic, cotton and wool or their mixed compositions. In this case, the outer layer extinguishes heat transfer, often absorbing and excreted moisture in passing. In this case, we get two properties in a “single vial”. Depending on the percentage ratio, the materials used and the thickness of the layers, we can achieve almost any ratio of the properties of thermal insulation and moisture output. We do not consider in this article the options of external impurities, which allow to improve the quality of the thermal underwear by touch, its extensibility or durability.

Thermal underwear for Ladies. Customers can buy this product in our online store.

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